Tempt & Tease Dice

Tempt & Tease Dice

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Do You Feel Lucky? Then Get Lucky With Sexy Dice Games!

Every Roll's A Winner! A Great Way To Spice Up Any Date Or Getaway!

Sometimes you just need a...great idea to get things going on a date, a getaway, or night in. Put your sexual fate into the hands of these dice –– everyone comes out a winner!

You get 3 dice, one has a body part, another has a sexy action to perform, and a third dice acts a timer –– to let you know how long to do that sexy thing!  

Roll the Dice and bring your partner to the edge...& then roll again!


1. Roll all three dice to determine the sexy act, body part and length of your playtime.

2. Set a timer (btw, your phone usually has one) and play for the number of minutes on the dice.

3. When the time is up, it's  your partner's turn to roll the dice & play.

Actions include: lick, kiss, spank, suck, hump, massage, tickle, blow on...

Body areas include: neck, lips, inner thigh, nipples, ear...

Timer dice range from one to six minutes.

Have a set of Tempt & Tease Dice ready to go in your nightstand, overnight bag or even your car's glove box –– you never know when you're gonna get lucky!